Magnets Cure for Menopause Symptoms?

You May Think I’m Crazy

I admit it sounds totally mad to me too. No pills, hormones, potions, patches or creams. You just put a couple of strong magnets in your knickers! Why? How? Where? The mind boggles. A few weeks ago, I would have been as sceptical as you. And for me it’s very early days, but I see this blog as a diary for sharing experiences as we go along.


Like many women of a certain age I have reached the stage of debilitating menopausal symptoms – hot flushes and night sweats, weight gain, lethargy, mood swings – you name it. I’m talking really dramatic physical changes in body temperature making me drip uncomfortably numerous times a day.

It was such a problem that I started wafting fans, and carrying a water spray. When dressing I chose light layers I could remove quickly.

After much reading of online advice, (I rarely bother my doctor, enjoying good health overall), it seems that conventional medicine is sadly lacking in effective solutions. The advice on HRT is that it should no longer be regarded as a permanent option. The prospect of deferring the problem until withdrawing from HRT some time in the future would be a recipe for disaster.

Pharmacies and health-food shops stock a raft of preparations that alleviate a variety of symptoms. And of course it helps to lose weight, exercise regularly, eat sensibly, sleep properly, avoid stress, etc, etc.

I resigned myself to putting up with discomfort and unpleasantness for the foreseeable, while resolving to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Google also introduced me to a product called ‘LadyCare’. This consists of a two strong magnets encased in plastic. You place the larger one in your knickers, and the smaller button on the outside to hold it in place. Although it sounds weird, plenty of women give it positive testimonials. But yes, around 30% of testers report it did nothing for them.

While I would happily pay £32 for the product if I thought it would help me, there’s no money-back-guarantee, and it seems a lot to pay for essentially a couple of magnets, so I decided to try my own experiment.

My Self-Help Experiment

I searched on EBay and Amazon for ‘neodymium magnets’ and found plenty of choice in terms of size, shape, quantity and price. I chose N50 2mm by 25 mm circular ‘rare earth’ magnets which cost less than £4. When they arrived, I sandwiched two around the front of my knickers about 10 cm below my navel. They’re pretty discreet, and so far have stayed firmly locked together when I’ve wanted them to.

Initial Results

I have to stress that I have only been wearing the magnets for a week so far, but for me the results have been so miraculous and immediate that I’m keen to share my experience. I have gone from over 10 hot flushes a day to none. Not only do I feel better, but I’m sleeping better, and have stopped constantly grazing to satisfy a continuous appetite.

You could say it’s the ‘placebo effect’ at work. So far there has been no double-blind trial to counter this argument (and actually I can’t see how one could be conducted). I have no idea what the physiological explanation can be, but as long as I continue to feel like this I’ll be wearing my magnets.

The (Very Minor) Down Side

I read some funny accounts of LadyCare magnets getting stuck to supermarket trolleys and keys. I had a similar experience with a harbour railing. And I have to keep reminding myself to keep my mobile phone away from the magnets, in case they affect it. Pretty minor gripes compared to the benefits.

Please Share Your Experiences

Please get in touch and tell me if this magnet method works for you. Or if it doesn’t. At least you won’t have wasted too much money.


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